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Providing Quality Patches For Collectors Since 1997
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What are some ways to display my patch collection?

One of the questions that a lot of new collectors come across is "How to display your patches?". There are a number of ways, some are better than others. In my personal collection I use a product called "Frontrunner" which is a ribbed fabric similar to what is used on notice boards or even sometimes used by Automotive trimmers. The advantage of this fabric, and others like it, is that Velcro sticks to it. You can buy adhesive velcro fairly easily and cut it into small pieces that you can stick to the back of the patch and then onto the Frontrunner. If your patches are framed this is an easy way to be able to change patches around when. you acquire new versions or different variations. An example of Frontrunner can be seen in the image. It comes in various colours. There are also other fabrics on the market that have a smooth finish rather than a ribbed finish. As long as they are Velcro compatible they are definitely a way to consider to display your patches. Having said that, these products can and will damage the back of a patch if removed. There is no product that I know of that will not damage patch backing if something is stuck to the back. It is also worth noting that there are a number of Velcro type products on the market, and they are not all the same. Some will not adhere to the patch very well you may find over time patches start falling off the fabric they are attached too. Using a good quality product such as the Velcro brand or my personal favourite 3M lessens this happening.

There are a number of other ways people use to display their collections. One that I would not recommend is using push pins into cork notice boards. over time the pins can rust and discolour and devalue the patches. Another common method that can ruin the backing on a patch is to use double sided tape. As many patches have a hot heat sealed backing the tape can lift it off when its removed and damage the backing. Some patches have a paper type backing and the tape will rip it off. Often when someone starts collecting they may not give too much thought into the future and if they go to sell or dispose of their collection the value may have decreased from what it could be. Probably the worst product to use is glue, such as fabric glue or spray adhesive. It will definitely ruin a patch and make it nearly worthless unless it is something very rare, in which case I wouldn't be putting glue anywhere near it. 

If you have other ways to display your collection please feel free to contact me and I can add them to this blog.

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