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Providing Quality Patches For Collectors Since 1997
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Patch Collecting

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Patch collecting is a hobby that has been around for many decades in one form or another. Many organisations around the world wear patches on uniforms to identify them to members of the public, such as on Police Uniforms or Fire Department Uniforms. Patches have also always been prominent on Military uniforms.

People from all walks of life enjoy the hobby of patch collecting, wether it be Police Patches, Fire Department Patches, Military Patches, Scouting Patches or any number of organisations or specialities. Collecting has also been a way for members of organisations such as Police to exchange patches with each other and build long term friendships.

As well as members of the various agencies that wear patches there are many civilian collectors who gain much enjoyment from the hobby. There are numerous Facebook and other social media groups that are dedicated to the hobby of collecting.

Sometimes the question is raised regarding the legality of collecting certain patches. Most agencies don't mind their patches being in collections however following events such as 9/11 some agencies no longer will provide patches and security has been tightened over their insignia. provides patches for collectors and is run by a collector. I am always adding new items to the sight and encourage you to check back often as I have a huge number of patches and items yet to be added.

9th August 2021

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